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At the table with: Humble Soup

Humble Soup was founded in February 2022 by Zoe @troglodyt_e, as an antidote to the isolation and separation they experienced over lockdown. Over the past year, the team grew and joined by chefs, Megan @megan_miltonn and Teo, @teodellatorre, as well as artists Alex @alexandra.stenberg, Phoebe @phoebe_kaniewska and Sev @sevisnotyoung

Humble Soup’s growth has, in large, been down to the community that they connected with through their events and instagram page. Together, they explore new and familiar flavours of words and soup through workshops, supper clubs and poetry evenings. They are always looking to collaborate with creatives who can bring something new to the table!

Their full interview is here:

Tell us a bit about you!

Humble Soup is a bubbling broth - a space where people, creativity and food come and simmer together. We explore new and familiar flavours of words and soup through workshops, supper clubs and poetry evenings, as well as through our Instagram page. Together this has created a bountiful and nourishing community that feeds curiosity.

Q: What is your foodie personality?

Humble Soup’s foodie personality would be the community of people gathered around the table - always seeking to share and try new dishes, and to expand our culinary and creative horizons. There’s such a variety of people who have joined us at the table, with everyone bringing something different to share, whether that’s words or dishes, it can’t be boiled down to a single personality.

Q: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gem, where is your favourite spot in London?

Zoe’s kitchen!

Q:What would your London Last Supper be, and why?

Our London Last Supper would be a picnic potluck party in the park, shared with a wholesome circle of friends.

Q: What are your favourite spots in London?

  1. Ganipati, Peckham

  2. En Root, Peckham

  3. Kanpai Sake, Peckham

  4. Paladar, Elephant and Castle

  5. Pong, Tower Bridge

  6. Pipoca Vegan, Brixton

  7. Guasa, Mercato Metropolitano

  8. Mango Indian, Borough Market

  9. Caso do Frango, Borough Market

  10. Filipino Truck, Tabard Food Street Market

  11. Omni, Peckham

  12. Silk Road, Camberwell

  13. Som Saa, Spitalfields

  14. Yemanes, Peckham

  15. Aphrodite Taverna, Notting Hill

  16. Rainforest Creations, Herne Hill Market

  17. Urban Orient

  18. Towpath, Dalston

  19. Cotto, Westminster

  20. Rambutan, Borough Markets


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