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At the table with: London Lonely Girls club

What started as the creation of a random Facebook group to organise a pancake meet-up, has quickly become one of the UK's largest communities of lonely girls! LLGC is a community helping people meet-up, hang out and make friends in London, making it easier for people who move to the capital to find their feet.

With over 40,000 members, we were really impressed by their ethos and wanted to find out more!

Why was the LLGC established?

The London Lonely Girls Club was founded nearly 5 years ago after I moved to London alone. I knew absolutely no one and very quickly realised that making friends as an adult once you're outside of the education system can be extremely tricky. I wanted to help myself and others in a similar position to have a space and community to be able to meet up with other people in person to hang out, have fun, build connections and lay the foundations for some wonderful friendships. Although amazing, life in London can be particularly lonely, and we're on a mission to change that one person and friendship at a time!

Can anyone join the LLGC?

Our community is for women and non-binary individuals of any age. We have members ranging in age from 18-70! And, sneak peak, we do also have something quite exciting to announce for men in the next few months too, as we know that loneliness and the need for community & friendship impacts everyone.

What food/drinks would feature in a LLGC picnic?

A London Lonely Girls Club picnic is a stunning mash up of absolutely everything from homemade cookies and vegan sausage rolls, to sangria and cider, to Tesco meal deals and sweets of every kind!

If the LLGC was a food dish what would it be and why?

I'd say loaded nachos! There's a million different things going on, so many flavours and textures, and that means there's something for everyone to get involved with.

Crouching tiger, Hidden Gem: what is your favourite 'hidden' food or drink spot in London?

One of our team's favourite spots is The Bread & Roses in Clapham. It's hidden up on a quiet side street, but is anything but quiet when you step inside. The food is by Two Dogs Down who do the most delicious and cool American comfort food and corn dogs with super fun twists, such as 7up fried chicken and a dogzilla corn dog! The vibe is always amazing in The Bread & Roses too, with live music, theatre shows and comedy nights, the last time we visited a group from our community were there from dinner time until the early hours dancing the night away! The perfect Friday night combo!

Give LLGC a follow on instagram or check out their website to find out about upcoming events!


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