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At the table with Georgia Levy

We interviewed @georgia_levy_ , recipe writer and food enthusiast, passionate about fresh vegetables and sharp knives.

Georgia welcomed us into her lovely home and shared what she keeps in her fridge and cupboards - from homemade sauces to unlimited collection of pasta and a phobia of not having the right shape.

Georgia is definitely an expert on lunch, with her recipe book “Let’s Do Lunch” you can never run out of ideas on what to quickly put together in between your work meetings!

Having 20 years of experience, we trust in Georgia’s expertise to recommend the best restaurants in London and even Paris. Which one are you trying out first?

Watch the full interview here.

1. 40 Maltby Street, Bermondsey. This is just the most thrilling place. The head chef, Steve Williams, writes these constantly changing seasonal menus that take classic ingredients and dishes and makes tiny tweaks and twists to them to create surprising and delicious food. There are always great terrines, something fried, an interesting salad often involving a vegetable you’ve never eaten raw before with a British cheese and even the desserts are consistently good. All written on a black board, tucked away in Bermondsey’s arches in what can only be described as a warehouse. Also has brilliant natural wines with staff so knowledgeable and cool.

2. Theo’s Pizza, Camberwell – the location in Camberwell isn’t great for everyone but it’s worth the trip. These pizzas are to die for – and I’ve never had a better one, even in Italy. It’s the Naples-style of sourdough, puffy and chewy with great wood oven charring. The toppings are all lovingly sourced (so to speak) so you get real mozzarella, freshly- sliced prosciutto and beautifully seasoned tomato sauce. And their tiramisu is legendary across London. I like to start with their classic deep fried bread, mortadella and pickled green onions with a negroni then move onto one of their pizzas, a bit of red wine and then finish off with a tiramisu. The room has some magic in it too, you always have a good time, no matter how busy. I’ve had all my best moments such as birthdays and celebrations there, I love it.

3. Sessions Art Club, Clerkenwell - I went for my birthday last year and was so impressed. It’s just so classy – atmospheric and crumbling set in an 18th century old courthouse. Think chandeliers, low lights and cracked plaster – and even the staff have a cool uniform. And the food. It’s delicious, leaning heavily towards Italy but with a wit and sense of drama about it. The colours are all intense, the shapes striking, but none of this is at the sacrifice of the flavour. Edible art on a plate.

4. Phoenix Palace, Baker Street – I’m obsessed with dim sum and this place seems to always be where I end up. My family have all our celebrations there. It’s a vast room, often filled with large Chinese families all attacking the lazy susans with their chop sticks. Service is brusque as you’d expect and the dim sum is all classics done perfectly. The key is to over order and over eat. Just make sure you order your noodles after you’ve finished your dim sum otherwise you’re going to be presented with them far too soon!

5. Anchor and Hope, Waterloo - I think I’ve eaten more meals here than at my parents’ table. I just love the set up of the bar/pub next to the restaurant and a menu that is designed to fill and satisfy rather be fussy and delicate. It’s all pies, hunks of slow-cooked meat, fat chips and overflowing salads. A place where you always drink too much red wine. They were one of the first to make big sharing mains and its that feeling of homely warmth and generosity that I love. Special mention to Camberwell arms who used to be owned by the same people and have a very similar concept.

My other favourite spots are:

6. Kiln 7. Singburi 8. El pastor 9. Primeur 10. Pahli Hill 11. Ganapati 12. Legare 13. Esti 14. Hoppers 15. Bocca di Lupo 16. Moro

17. Garden Museum

18. Bottle and Rye

19. Sambal Shiok

20. LLewelyns

You can find these spots & more, on Appetite.


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