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Our Story

How are all great ideas born? From a simple conversation. In the Spring of ‘23, brothers Toby and James, frustrated with the tedious process of arranging a meal out with friends, asked the question: “Surely this should be easier?”.
On average, adults in the UK eat out 1.5x a week, with those living in urban areas often more. It’s a time where we catch up with friends, with family, where we laugh, we cry (when we see the bill), we discover something new or we get comfortable with old favs. 
At Appetite, we believe that planning your next dinner should not only be simpler, but just as enjoyable as the meal itself. 
Having a meal out is inherently a social experience. We’re here to make the discovery, planning and booking one too. 

From discovery, to booking, and beyond, we’re creating social dining experiences 

that you’ll never forget.

We’re building a community 

of like-minded foodies, championing diversity and a love of genuine dining experiences.

From local gems, to world renowned eateries, we’re proud 
to be supporting all restaurants, 
big or small.

Fed up of fake reviews and sponsored content? So are we. Discover dining spots with genuine reviews from real foodies.

About Us

We’re a voice
you can trust 

We're supporting

We're building a

We're making

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Our Foodie Journey

Summer 2023

Spring 2024

Brand development and Community building begins

2,000+ restaurants discovered through the Appetite app

Spring 2023

A new concept.
Toja is reborn as

Autumn 2023

The MVP Appetite app launches to the UK stores

Leadership Team

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