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Our Story

Born from the common frustrations of organising meals with friends, Appetite was founded in April 2023. We experienced firsthand the chore of shuffling between messaging apps to make plans, navigating through unreliable reviews, and the disappointment of fully-booked restaurants.

Driven to streamline this process, we built a unified platform.

Here, users receive personalised restaurant recommendations, coordinate effortlessly with friends, and secure hassle-free reservations. Appetite simplifies the entire journey of planning meals out, ensuring every dining experience is nothing short of incredible.

We are a completely food obsessed team that at times absolutely love each other and at other times one could say it’s quite the opposite of that. Luckily, that is just because of our passion for creating something pretty special. No matter what we have one shared goal; to deliver an awesome product that everyone will become obsessed with. Diversity is our inspiration. Each team member represents a unique culture. Appetite was built to bring all communities together.

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