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At the table with: Stuffed!

You ever eaten a meal so good you spend the next week chewing everyone's ear off about it? That's how we felt after visiting @stuffed.ldn 🍝

Approaching the market, we weren't really sure what to expect, but a little climb up their famous blue steps opened us up to what we can only describe as Casa Del Hackney.

A single table surrounded by cushions, candles and the smell of summer. We had essentially walked up to an al fresco haven of possibility. We gleefully sipped away at our complimentary cocktails and settled in for the night.

When the food started to arrive, we were impressed by the variety of colours and seasonal produce placed on the table. Beautiful tomatoes in every shade, fried artichokes, Norcina laced in creamy asparagus. But what really blew us away, was the vegan, miso-based Spaghetti Puttanesca. Not an anchovy in sight, we were amazed by how similar, if not greater this was to the OG recipe.

We finished off the night with some malty affogato, deep conversation and a tipple of Limoncello with the chefs. Something about the whole thing felt so nostalgic. The privacy we were rewarded by not only the location, but the staff, reminded us of a rural summer picnic.

We really encourage getting as many mates round this table as physically possible. Share the joy and book now.

Appetite Approved.


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