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Community is at the heart of our platform, providing not only users but also creators the opportunity to grow their networks and reach an entirely new audience of highly engaged food lovers. Appetite loves creators and creators love Appetite. As part of this, we want talent and influencers alike to earn fairly from the premium content they produce.

From recipe meal plans to table scaping tutorials, Appetite facilitates a marketplace in which creators can earn anything from a bit of cash on the side, all the way to a full-time job! Find out more below and join Appetite’s creator economy today.

Verified status

We provide all of our creators with their very own 'verified' badge. This is to show they are a trusted creator of Appetite, providing killer recommendations and lists to share across social media and afar.

Appetite Originals

We are planning to build a library of professionally produced content that is exclusively accesible once users are subscribed to our app. This content aims to deliver masterclasses, interviews and alike to help promote our creators.


We are aiming to build a new platform for creators to upload their very own content to our app. By providing creators with a new outlet for their content, we want to extend reach to an engaged audience of foodies.

Earn from your involvement. We will be building a creator economy and providing a revenue share for any promotional or UGC content that goes live on our app.

We will give our creators exclusive access to our Supper Clubs and other community events to help expand their audiences and make new connections.

We will provide promotion for our creators' ventures in addition to building campaigns in order to engage our audiences with their projects.

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