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Introducing... Group Booking.

iPhone screen showing group booking page on Appetite App

Everyone loves eating out with their friends. But let’s face it, actually getting the meal organised is often a painful process. It usually involves dozens of texts in a group chat, hours of waiting between each reply, and endless indecision about where to book. Then when you’ve finally agreed on a time and place, guess what? The restaurant is fully booked! And so, back to the drawing board you go. More tedious scrolling through TimeOut, Resy, TripAdvisor etc…

But what if there was a solution to these woes? A one-stop shop to complete this entire process in minutes. With our latest Groups feature, we’re confident we’ve built one. Groups was created with your convenience in mind. With just a few clicks, you can create a group, invite your friends, and poll everyone's availability. Our AI technology will suggest a restaurant tailored to your group's preferences and instantly match it to everyone's availability. No more scrolling through endless lists of restaurants or going back and forth on what time to meet.

It’s as easy as:

  • Create a group and invite your friends

  • Poll everyone's availability

  • Our AI suggests restaurants based on the group's availability and preferences

  • Vote for your favourite and book the perfect table within seconds

A seamless, hassle-free process - all in one convenient location.

So, if you’re looking to organise your next group booking – without all the pain and effort – make sure to sign-up with your email and get early access to this feature, and a whole lot more, when our app launches next month!

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