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Create and Share Restaurant Lists

Ever been stuck with the faff of wanting to share restaurant recommendations with friends but screenshotting your notes page isn’t cutting it? Fed up with dozens of disorganised restaurant lists that you can’t locate when you actually need them?

Introducing…Create and share your own lists with Appetite. We’ve all been there; a friend asks you for restaurant recommendations, so you painstakingly locate and screenshot your carefully curated notes page to send them. Well, those days are over! There’s a simpler and more efficient way to do this with the Appetite app.

Create lists of your favourite spots and conveniently store them on Appetite. So, when that friend or group asks for recommendations, you can effortlessly share your lists with them directly through the app. And it doesn’t end there. Decided enough is enough on gatekeeping your favourite spots? Well, you can also spread the foodie love on our ‘For You’ page. Once a list is created, it will simultaneously be uploaded to the ‘For You’ page for the Appetite community to enjoy. That means it’s easier than ever for you, your friends and the wider Appetite community to discover and keep tabs on the hottest dining spots. With our Beta launch imminent, ensure you’re signed up if you want a chance at exclusive early access to the app. Be amongst the first to experience this unique feature and get creating!

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